Eurotas Conference 2019


Alain Delourme

Psychology doctor, trainer and author of a dozen books including:
Alain Delourme and Bernadette Blin (coordinators): “WHEN CONSCIOUSNESS WILL AWAKEN, psycho-spiritual accompaniments” L’Harmattan.



Let’s spritualize our relationships and our lives, before it is too late” (book about to be published).

Love and spirituality are the essential virtues of a human life. That is why spiritualized love will be the guiding thread of this conference whose stages will be: the sublime elevation, the poetic-lyrical rapture, the celebration of nature, the spiritual aspiration and the pacification of the Being, individual and collective. This conference is a plea for the clairvoyance of the spiritual need, for the sacredness of the terrestrial and supra-terrestrial life. We require fewer religious cults and more spiritual rituals to find everywhere and always the thrill of life in its making. Let’s become the poets of our lives, not so much by writing verses as by spiritualizing our dailies, our relationships and our existential trajectories.

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