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Alessandra Brunelli

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from La Sapienza University, Rome, 1994. Physicians and Odontologists Association Registration Number: 46732, July 25th, 1995. Specialization in maxillofacial surgery, La Sapienza University, Rome, 2001.  She is presently working at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome as a medical manager in the maxilofacial surgery ward under the supervision of Dr. B Pesucci. Other medical training courses:  –              Neuraltherapy, SIME, Italian Society for Functional Medicine, 2012.-              Homeopathy, Aurum Homeopathy School, Rome, 2015. –              Acupuncture, SOWEN Acupuncture School, 2017.-              Biomagnetic Pair Theraphy , Escorial-María Cristina Royal University Centre, Madrid, 2017 She started her training with Pneuma Institute in 2009 and became a Pneuma Transpersonal Training facilitator in 2013. She leads groups in their experiences and integration of Amplified States of Consciousness for their personal development and evolution. These experiences have allowed her to integrate the psychospiritual dimension in the field of traditional medicine, thus opening the gates to a new healing method in which assessment is not only based on the patient’s physical symptoms, as it is broader, completed and enriched by the psychospiritual plane.



Pneuma Breathwork: the experience with Divinity – Pneuma Institute

Pneuma Breathwork is a deep, profound and easy practice that allows us to access extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness in a natural way. It is based on a principle that has been affirmed by various traditions: God is present in the air and is therefore breathable. This revolutionary practice gives us an altogether different vision: it amplifies our consciousness in order to experience unity, the Spirit within us and to receive its real light. In this way we can learn directly from Spirit and free our soul from any conflictive process that it might be experiment by exploring the deeper layers of our psyche. Our real spiritual intention in combination with an evocative musical sequence causes a profound change in our mind that helps us perceive ourselves very differently. This type of perception differs greatly from the one we usually have in an ordinary state of consciousness.

Only the presence of Spirit can generate an atmosphere of wisdom thanks to which we can delve into the unfathomable mysteries, archetypes and universal symbols. This allows us to have a deep psychological understanding in our everyday lives and go through healing processes.

Pneuma Breathwork is a practice of Pneuma Transpersonal Training that enables human beings to recognize our Divine genetics. Once we are aware of this we can start walking the path of spiritual progression with the guidance of our Inner Being.


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