Eurotas Conference 2019


Alon Raz

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in mindfulness based psychotherapy and a storyteller. I have recently published a book by the name: “tales of wisdom and heart” which is a collection of 333 stories, mainly, but not only, from different spiritual traditions. I teach at both The Max Stern Yezreel Valley Collage and Haifa University, Israel, and I am the academic coordinator of “shiluv” – a private center for teaching mindfulness based psychotherapy, where I also lead a two year program of Buddhist psychology.


The healing story of the heart – storytelling as a transpersonal healing art

There were times when storytellers and magicians could not be tell apart as both had their own way with transformation.

Storytelling is indeed an old art, but is still around.. let me revive it for you.

Are you ready for a story that can change your life ?

Because I have one for you.

Because stories are like that.

It is a story of one of my clients, it is a story about a story I told that client in a difficult period in her life, it is a story about storytelling as a transpersonal healing art of both the teller and the listener.

It is a story of how the most personal become transpersonal.

In my presentation I will retell the story I once told my client as I primarily would like you to experience the healing power of oral storytelling and to have a vivid personal notion of how it feels. This, I hope, would serve us as a solid and rich ground to discuss why stories carry that unique potential, and how this potential can be practiced and enhanced. We will explore together some emotional significance the story may carry, and will wonder through the spiritual atmosphere and space of storytelling where body mind and spirit meets.

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