Eurotas Conference 2019


Anatoliy Kharkhurin

I consider myself both an artist and a scholar. I cannot disentangle these two endeavors and I believe that my artistic and academic works complement and inspire each other. I am a professor of psychology and researcher in psychology of creativity and multilingualism; my scholarship has appeared in a book, edited volumes, scientific journals, and encyclopedias. I have developed a new Bilingual Creative Education program that combines foreign language learning and creativity fostering techniques in a unified curricular approach. I am a published poet; my book of poetry has been published in Russian. I am a multimedia artist working at the borderline of visual art and poetry. I am a curator at the Leize Jenius collective (Berlin, Germany), which has curated a number of exhibitions in various geographic locations.


Art on contemplation

Contemporary world witnesses dramatic shift toward technocratic hegemony. Our mundane functions have been already successfully replaced by robotic systems. The days are coming when artificial intelligence will replace human agents in decision making in most areas of economic, social, and cognitive domains. Humanity will be liberated from survival driven urges. What urges will come into their place? What would become uniquely human in this world in transition? My answer to this question is the urge to reenact the act of Creation; that is, human creative act. The transcendent sphere of the Transpersonal Model of Creativity, relates the human creative act to the divine act of Creation and represents an authentic impulse to create, a creative faculty. This sphere addresses transcendent, spiritual, and metaphysical aspects of human psyche. In this lecture performance, I present a method of exploration of the transcendent sphere through artistic contemplation. I believe that art by means of its metaphorical language gives us an insight into the nature of creativity. Hence, I relate my artistic practice to an investigation of the origins of human creative urge.

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