Eurotas Conference 2019


Anca Munteanu

Anca Munteanu is the president of ETPA. She is a university professor in Psychology Department, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara (ROMANIA). Doctor Honoris Causa (2010), Emeritus Professor (from 2013), Bologna Professor (2014). Since the year 2000 she teaches Transpersonal Psychology, for Psychology students in West University of Timisoara. Published 12 books as author and 35 in collaboration, and over 160 articles and research papers, in volumes and journals. In 2018 she published Psihologia Transpersonala, peregrinaj dincolo de val, a book about Transpersonal Psychology. Since 2013 initiated in Timisoara a transpersonal psychotherapy training group, along with prestigious professionals from abroad and also from Romania.



The transpersonal engagement in psychotherapy

This paper presents the identity of the transpersonal psychotherapies (P.T) in what they essentially and specifically have. The analysis is justified because transpersonal psychology has provoked conceptual and therapeutic restructuring of the paradigm. The major objective of PT is making the human being total through the deliberate approach of the spiritual dimension, based on an extensive map of the human psyche and fructifying the healing potential of the amplified states of consciousness. The PT conceptions about sickness and health are analyzed, as well as the multilevel causes (biographical or trans-biographical) of different diseases and the pathogenic character of the physical trauma. Furthermore, a theme of great interest for psychiatry is addressed, the theme of spiritual emergencies. The paper will reflect on some postulate of PT, on the necessary abilities of a transpersonal therapist, and also on the three types of psychotherapies, proposed by J. Rowan (1992) according to their access to the transpersonal.

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