Eurotas Conference 2019


Andrea Careggio

Psychologist and Gestalt therapist, hypnologist, pupil of master Claudio Naranjo, and a student of Don Leandro Caldera. Expert in folk medicine has worked for over 20 years to integrate a specific technique called bones-fixation with therapeutic practice.

He has integrated his knowledge with the study of psychosomatic report and quantum physics.

He says that therapy is a spiritual act.



The bonesetters, the art of the folk remedy in therapy

The bonesetters Italian folk medicine is little known. Haunted by the church and by Western medicine science, overshadowed by traditional and shamanic medicines, folk medicine resists remaining one step away from oblivion. The practice of bonesetters (nerves-fixation) is a particular technique of very deep body manipulation. Through what appears to be only a physical maneuver it acts in an integral way, thus involving the subtle planes of matter. To heal someone means to make them breath, and to observe all the tensions, blockages and closures that prevent the free circulation of the breath, that is to say the development of the soul in a body. The role of the therapist will be to untie these knots of the soul, these obstacles to life and to creative intelligence in the animated body of man. (Jean-Yves Leloup). The practice of bonesetters fully embodies this vision and does it starting from the body as expression of Being; The spirit has become flesh and we must take care of this flesh.

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