Approches Transpersonnelles asbl

Approches Transpersonnelles is a non-profit making association based in Liège, Belgium. It was created in 2016 to provide a structure for the projects organized for over 15 years by Martine Struzik, therapist and trainer.

Its mission is to work towards better knowledge of ourselves in order to experience a more connected and conscious life, in harmony with ourselves, the world around us and our own spirituality, with respect for oneself, others and the world, Mother Earth, without dogma or religion.

 To this end, the association offers high quality training and projects, invites experienced international trainers in the field of transpersonal skills and collaborates with other organizations working in the same field to create larger projects. Approches Transpersonnelles also supports the younger generation so that they can benefit from the experiences offered within the framework of the association.

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