Eurotas Conference 2019


Arnaud Messieux

Arnaud Messieux was born in France in 1972. He is a qualified land surveyor, a Jungian psycho-analyst, as well as a Holotropic Breathing facilitator. These activities have much in common, including an attitude of detachment and a lust for travelling through the pathways of the Earth and that of the spirit with equal delight. He has written various articles on Jungian psychology, poetry and travel diaries, touring the world many times and regularly offers personal development workshops at his home in the Var region of France.



The Imperative Is No Longer A Choice.

A presentation and reading of Arnaud Messieux’s book entitled: The Imperative Is No Longer A Choice.

This book deeply invites us, the reader, to change our view of the world and of ourselves. Through a human, psychological and poetic viewpoint the author argues that a different path awaits us and it is in our own best interests not to hesitate.

Being human requires action on our part and in these13 chapters, set up as chronicles, this book urges the vast majority of us to take the first step.

As for those who have already begun the path of change, this book will assist them in keeping the faith that hope is always the best choice.


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