Eurotas Conference 2019


Bernadette Blin

Clinical and Social Psychologist.
Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Gestalt-therapist, Teacher and Supervisor.

Certified in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology by Stan Grof.
Initiated by shamans from different traditions (Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Siberia, United States…).
Founder of IRETT in France (Institute of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy) (France)
Co-founder and Honorary member of GRETT (Group of Research and Studies in Transpersonal Therapy) (France).
President of EUROTAS.
Honorary President of CesHum (Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Training Institute) (France).
Honorary President of IPTB (Transpersonal Training Institute of Barcelona).
Teacher member of IIBP (International Institute of Consciousness and Psychotherapy) (Germany).
Author of many articles on Transpersonal Psychotherapy.
Co-author of “Healing the ego, revealing the being, the challenge of Transpersonal Therapies”, “Manual of Transpersonal Psychotherapy” and “When Consciousness will awaken”.


The big challenge : being human in a world in transition

At this time of great challenge, the paradigm shift is a necessity. How to let go the old world and open ourselves to what most of us do not know? How to take on the challenges which are before us and threaten our survival?  

Today, we can not do without this internal reflection and confrontation.

So many theories, from collapse to survivalism, from denial to optimism, enlightened or not, emerge and lead us to look at our reality.

We need our creativity to open ourselves to all possibilities. But the most demanding and most essential path is the spiritual path that brings together our heart, our body and our mind and it is also the one that brings us together, we humans who have to invent and create new

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