Eurotas Conference 2019


Blandine Guérard

After a career in marketing, finance and HR, I chose to put the Human in the center of my life. Fifteen years ago I was trained in the Accompaniment of the Heart, the Body and the Spirit.

Transpersonal psychotherapy, AIC (trainer since 2011), acupuncture and energy techniques are the base of my practice today. My regular trips to Peru and my work with “medicine” have allowed the unification of perspectives as well as their fine tuning. One of my specialties is the states of development in the process of individuation, wich I also teach.

Today, I accompany people in transition, couples, teenagers, business executives … to go from a life that weighs them down to a joyful and light life.


AIC : On the path of Wholeness … to becoming more Human !

Following a person’s request, the Facilitator enters into a sacred space listening to the Other in his wholeness, including mysterious aspects that he has little access to. From there He takes note of what is there … that is the invitation and challenge of the Accompanied Inner Communication (AIC).

AIC is a Heart to Heart communication.

The Facilitator listening with his whole Being, for the Facilitated person.

With a precise subject determined together, the Facilitator, who is not limited by the Facilitated person’s psyche’s defense mechanisms, translates into words what is there ready to emerge :

Inscriptions which are still active like unresolved past memories, inherited, gestation or during birth for example as well as any other trauma which hinders the movement of life of the Facilitated person.

The expression in words through a benevolent observer, no longer in the heated emotions of a situation, offers a change of perspective and access to another level of consciousness.

What was kept away from consciousness can now be integrated. What was reactive becomes a source of learning and therefore a Resource.

A quick presentation of AIC will be followed by its experimentation in groups of two or three people being Facilitated and then exploring the exercise as a Facilitator.

Lets’s Discover AIC together, in the service of Consciousness and Unification !

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