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Brigitte Chavas

Transpersonal Therapist, Gestalt Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor.

Brigitte Chavas has been practicing individual and group psychotherapy since 1988. She has organized and led numerous seminars, particularly the Breath and Therapy seminars, since 1997. These transpersonal therapy courses are centred on our experience of breath and breathing, and in particular Holotropic Breathing. In addition to these groups which are open to all, over the past ten years she has developed “rites of passage” for teenagers and young adults, workshops for parents and young people, and workshops specifically for couples, for men or for women.

Brigitte Chavas is a trainer and supervisor for practitioners in the caring professions. She has been involved in different schools of psychotherapy, somatotherapy and coaching since 1995.

Body consciousness, relationship and the present moment are the foundation of her path towards a global ecology both personal and collective. Opening to oneself, to other, to Life, trance and celebration have inspired her attitude to life and her practice.

Author of numerous articles and co-author of “Guérir l’ego, révéler l’être”, Trédaniel 2009, ” Manuel de psychothérapie transpersonnelle “, Dunod InterEditions 2011 and “Quand la conscience s’éveillera”, psychospiritual accompaniment, L ‘Harmattan 2016.



Transpersonal accompaniment of teens for them, for the world and for the future

How to support teens and young people both in the transition to adulthood and in the transition that our world is going through, a transition so varied? The teen does not want to be a normal adult, he wants something bigger and more useful, he wants to bring something to the world and we have to support him here too. If he is in touch with his dream, we will help him to anchor it in his life. If he has lost it, let us accompany him to find it and to live it. The deep dream comes from the heart, it has just been on its path of totality. It is the desire to be fully alive: present and open to the world. An initiation, by placing the young person in a community with his laws, by experiencing his fear and his courage, can put him in touch with himself and with the ardent desire of his heart. Then his new life can open as an initiatory journey.And let the world, today and tomorrow, rejoice with him!

If we do not initiate the young people, they will burn the village to feel the heat. African Proverb

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