Eurotas Conference 2019


Brunehilde Yvrande

I like to tell myself beautiful stories.
I dream and imagine a vision of life that I like and that carries me.
I believe in what sustains me, in Nature that resources me, in my intuition that guides me.
My incredible Life as an Artist has allowed me to grow up with wonderful teachers and to meet practices that have given meaning.
Gabrielle Roth, Dominique Hautreux (dance therapy Sensitive Expression therapy), Shiloh Sophia Mc Cloud, Sandra Ingerman and Willem Hartman whose shamanic practices I receive, Yaacov & Susannah Darling Khan.


Stellar Medicine Dance

Stellar Medicine Dance is a process of exploration, transformation and sublimation of our personal stories, combining free movement and shamanic protocols.

This process is the result of my personal research with the Cocoa Ceremonial Plant, and can be practiced with or without the accompaniment of this spirit.

This practice aims to open spaces of knowledge of oneself, of our relationship to others, to Nature and to the infinite possibility of Life by using the sky chart and the specificity of each planet in the solar system.

We were born from the big bang and we can imagine that we are made of astrological compost.

Every element that makes up the stars can be found on Earth and in the human body.

If we extend this idea, we can begin to conceive that the relationship to our entire solar system can give us keys to a kind of self ecology, a symbiotic and harmonious relationship in interaction with everything that exists, and the possibility of initiating lasting changes for ourselves and life on Earth.

in this process, it is no longer a question of fleeing or denying certain aspects of ourselves that frighten us, but rather of opening ourselves up to them in order to find the hidden treasures that will help us to be fully ourselves in order to best live our place in the world around us.

During this Danced Ceremony, we will drink ceremonial cocoa from Guatemala, which comes from fair trade, and each bean has been specially sorted for this occasion.

Called Food of Change, the Clairvoyant or Love Plant, “Grandmother Cocoa” allows a powerful connection to the heart and a benevolent look at our challenges and challenges.

We will use shamanic travel and dance to embody this spirit and let it teach us its medicine of openness to the beauty of being human.


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