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Carolin Juen de Quintero

Dr. Carolin Juen de Quintero, M.A. is a clinical psychologist, Gestalt therapist, trauma therapist and transcultural psychologist. Having finished her schooling in Austria, her country of origin, she left for a year to work in the slum areas of Tijuana, the border city between the U.S. and Mexico. This experience has not only awakened her love for Latin cultures and taught her Spanish, but also has deeply influenced her life. Afterwards she returned to Austria and studied psychology to the M.A. level. She received a Fulbright scholarship and did a further M.A. at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco in East-West psychology. For her dissertation, she went to Bolivia and Peru and studied the culture-specific approach of soul retrieval with shamans of the Quechua and Aymara tribe in order to heal traumatic experiences. Based on their knowledge, she created the “Anaholistic approach – a transcultural approach in trauma treatment”, which is a clinical intervention for recovering lost parts of self or soul. Afterwards, she worked in a clinical setting for many years. Now, she works for the Arbeiterkammer Tirol (Austrian Chamber for Employees and Workers in Tyrol) and does trainings, talks and seminars about sociological and work related topics.


Alienation in today´s world as a form of soul loss.   What does this mean and what can be done?

We live in a time of alienation. We have become alienated from our own selves by turning ourselves into functioning entities in order to fulfill the requirements of our employers. We have become alienated from those important to us because we do not find the time to nourish our relationships. And we have become alienated from our environment because we feel invited to exploit the world´s resources without taking into account which toll this attitude takes.

In some indigenous cultures, there exists a medical condition, which is called soul loss. In their view, soul loss can be caused by traumatic experiences, but also through experiences of alienation such as homesickness or loss of love.

I postulate in this contribution, that the collective alienation, which we are experiencing in our common world, is also a form of soul loss.

I will put forward a definition of collective soul loss and how it can be identified. Afterwards, the healing approach for soul loss will be explained. Ultimately, this healing approach will be transformed into a social instrument, which could be used to mend our society on a soul level.

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