CesHum, Transpersonal School, is an association that works as a collective to offer training to people in social accompaniment and the caring professions and to those who wish to work in the field.

CesHum affirms the transpersonal dimension in psychotherapy and other therapeutic relationships, and in particular the importance of appreciating interconnection or interdependence: the human being is part of the universe, part of life, and in relationship with other humans, Nature, the Universe, the visible and the invisible, the present, the past, the future. Man and his environment make no sense in isolation. The transpersonal vision is therefore not only interested in the evolution of an individual but in all life.

Transpersonal accompaniment pays tribute to the visions of the psychologies that went before it by integrating the psychological, corporal and relational dimensions that form its embodied foundations.  The spiritual dimension of the human being, of our relationships and our lives is at the heart of the practice. The transpersonal approach recognizes consciousness and spirit in everything in nature and the value of the collective and social dimensions of life. The transpersonal companion trusts in the sacred nature of the human being, in his capacity for self-healing, in his presence with the “other”, and in the connection which is the meaning of existence. He has the humility of a human being who is open to mystery and recognizes himself as co-responsible for the world.

“A declaration of global responsibility has become the only way to ensure the rights of all. This sense of global responsibility could be developed in a creative atmosphere and relieve the current heaviness. For many this responsibility is still felt as overwhelming or as something that makes them feel guilty; however, it only takes a small shift of consciousness, a passage, for this global responsibility to become a light and loving force, a spontaneous wave in the body, the joy of being together as co-creators at every moment of the great, unique and mysterious life that bathes the universe.” Monique Tiberghien, in the Synodies newletter.

CesHum offers:

Modules « à la carte” for professionals who want to complete their training with one or other of the proposed modules: the relationship, the body, archetypes, … or learn a specific transpersonal tool.

Comprehensive training

This comprehensive training in transpersonal psychotherapy is for people who wish to work in the profession of accompaniment with a transpersonal vision. It is also aimed at qualified practitioners who want to complete their initial training with the richness of the transpersonal dimension. (The status of this qualification as compared with equivalent university or other courses is currently under discussion) The teaching is based on learning a “presence consciousness” to support the therapeutic process. We give our students a “classical” base in analytical and humanistic psychopathology (Freud, Jung, Rogers, Winnicott, Klein, Assagioli, Maslow …). In addition to this foundation, the transpersonal approach (Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber, John Welwood, Jack Kornfield, Jean-Yves Leloup, …) enriches the approach to psychopathology and therapeutic means. Transpersonal psychotherapy is a paradigm involving an attitude and therapeutic techniques. The practitioner’s attitude, which goes beyond the method, is the pivot that underpins the patient’s “presence consciousness” process in relation to himself, to the relationship, the other, and the world. The quality of presence to himself and to others becomes the vessel for integrating the different tools and techniques that the therapist has at his disposal.

Certain methods may come from psychoanalysis (in some of its theoretical references and the use of interpretation and representation of affects), while others may come from humanistic-existential psychology (role play, body mobilization, art therapy and certain ways of working with the transfer …). Others are more specific to the transpersonal approach including the mobilization of altered states of consciousness (hypnosis, holotropic breathing, guided visualizations, shamanic practices) and meditation practices.

Training in ASC tools (altered states of consciousness) that are useful in transpersonal practice.

Transpersonal breathing : This advanced theoretical and technical training, supported by Stan Grof, is based essentially on the practice and mastery of Transpersonal Breathing. This module is led by two trainers and therapists: Bernadette Blin and Jean Frédéric Motchane in Paris, Brigitte Chavas and Bruno de Raemy in Ain. Some external trainers also participate.

Ericksonian Hypnosis with Nicolas Dumont, Clinical Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

« L’hypnose, c’est une relation pleine de vie qui a lieu dans une personne et qui est suscitée par la chaleur d’une autre personne. » Milton Erickson

Shamanic practices in transpersonal accompaniment: A module was proposed in 2018 by Marie Dominique Linder and a more complete course is currently being prepared.

Most of these courses have been given since 2004, the transpersonal breathing courses have been since 1995.

Internationally renowned speakers: Richard Moss, Stanislas Grof, Jean-Yves Leloup, Vladimir Maykov, Ingo Jahrsetz, Jure Biechonski, Robert Dilts …

Experienced and top quality trainers: Bernadette Blin, Brigitte Chavas, Jean-Marie Delacroix, Alain Delourme, Nicolas Dumont, Sabine Martin, Jean-Frederic Motchane, Carole Sédillot …

CesHum – 95210 Saint Gratien

Tel: 33 (1) 85 11 05 80





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