Eurotas Conference 2019


Christel Lukoff

Christel Lukoff, Dipl. Psych, Ph.D., is a therapist in private practice, a hospice social worker, and a professional storyteller. She uses storytelling and expressive arts with people with life threatening illness, bereavement groups, and in hospice and conference presentations throughout the U.S. and Germany. She has published two CD’s: When Life & Death Walk &Together and Stories of Love & Loss.



TranspersonneTranspersonal guidance

Informed by her work with the dying as a hospice social worker and a psychotherapist, Dr. Lukoff shares soul lessons learned from people at the end of life. People usually don’t regret not having made more money, published another paper or gotten another degree. What matters at the end of life is whether they loved well, and did their lives have meaning. In our busy Western lives, we leave little time and energy to pause, reflect and engage in soul questions. Through storytelling and expressive arts exercises, participants will learn ways to engage in reflection and soul care.

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