Eurotas Conference 2019


Christopher Soelter

Spiritual experiences were the candy that motivated me to practice more intensely.

I believe in the transformational power of a holisitic yogic practice – it can lead us to the “farther reaches of human nature” (Maslow)

– leading yoga teacher trainings since 2018

– former press spokesman of Europe’s largest yoga seminar centre (yoga vidya)

– translator of yogic seminars by Swamis/monks

– yoga teacher since 2011

– meditation practice since 2007

– student of psychology

Yoga Workshop

Honoring your Present Self, and Envisioning your Future.

We want to embody ourselves with the help of yogic postures.

Breathing exercises will lead to energize and activate of our physical and energetic body.

We will make deep contact with our heart and develop a deep feeling of gratitude, feeling in harmony with ourselves – blessing our past & present self.

After a deep relaxation we will use a meditation to meet our future-self and envision and open ourselves up for the future.


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