Eurotas Conference 2019


Csilla Kemenczei

Originally from Hungary and living in Belgium for many years, Csilla Kemenczei is a clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst and art therapist.

Passionate about great myths and tales, she founded Athanor where she created and teaches the ACM method, Analysis of Corporeal Myths. She develops and widens the fields of research around the creative process as well as the link between “trauma” and “creation”.


Opening ritual: Celtic Ritual

The druids were the priestly class of the Celts. They occupied Gaul, Great Britain and Ireland before the Roman conquest.

The Druids played the role of intermediary between the deities and the men, they were in charge of the celebration of the worship and they were the only ones to hold the knowledge. The transmission was exclusively oral.

The origin of the name is subject to discussion. According to some, its origin comes from the Celtic “dru-wid-es”, which means “the very learned”, and not the analogical etymology of the Greek “drûs” which means “oak”.

Nevertheless, the tree, in the Celtic and Druid culture, is sacred, it is the main link between the three worlds: terrestrial, celestial and underground. Thus, it is the symbol of the universe par excellence.

About the ritual:

  • Opening of the doors of the three worlds
  • Celebration of the complete cycle of the Celtic Year with (including?) feasts, equinoxes and solstices
  • Special Intention: Câd Goddeu Cd (the fight of shrubs) according to Taliesin
  • Closing of the circle

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