Eurotas Conference 2019


Dagmara Gmitrzak

holistic therapist, trainer, sociologist, music therapist, teacher of relaxation techniques, author of seven books.

She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with specialization: social and therapeutic help. She completed Music Therapy Training and Mindfulness Training. Since 2001 she works with the integration of psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and indigenous knowledge. She works in Transpersonal Psychology field, specialises in holistic therapy and runs workshops in Europe and Bali.




In the culture of the Indians from North and South America, Jaguar is a guardian of Amazon Forest. That wild and amazing animal, symbolizes inner power, courage, honesty but also living from the heart.

How to communicate with the heart, how to strengthen the heart-brain connection, how to transform fear into power and get to know your inner Jaguar – all this you will discover during that workshop.

 Jaguar will guide you:

  • from chaos to integration and understanding,
  • from anxiety to a sense of power and self-confidence,
  • from apathy and depression to the joy of life,


You will get to know the rich symbolism of Jaguar in indigenous cultures and the psychological aspects of Jaguar, possible to wake up in each of us

You will take inspirational journeys deep inside yourself in a state of deep relaxation

You enter your inner jungle, meet your Jaguar there and connect symbolically with your power


➸ Creative visualization – technique of guided imagination

➸ Working with voice – wake up power in the body through voice

➸ Work with the heart coherence

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