Eurotas Conference 2019


Daniel Dick

Daniel Dick is in charge of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute by organizing, managing and doing research.

He has been lecturer at the University of Vienna in Anthropology and Sociology. He holds the Young Scientist Bertalanffy Award of the European Meeting of Cybernetics and System Research 2016, and worked for several research institutions, such as the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, the European School of Governance and co-founded the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research in 2015.



Consciousness Beyond Dualism towards Coordinates of the “Here and Now”

The current debate has been governed by dualistic approaches and paradoxes of mind and brain or mind and matter. This presentation debates the possibilities to enfold the space between “0” and “1” and “be” or “not to be” towards a multi-valued pattern of distinctions and synergies. The proposition of the “here and now” is regarded as the fundamental a priori and the pathway to envision coordinates of consciousness and its development.

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