Eurotas Conference 2019


Denis Chartier

Denis Chartier (PhD) is geographer and artist. He is specialist of political ecology and Professor of Geography at the University Paris 7 Denis Diderot. He has been working for 25 years to identify and experience – in France and Brazil – some responses to the ecological disaster, mainly by analyzing the environmental action of civil society actors, and more recently by experimenting friction between artistic and scientific practices.

Round table

For a new alliance with the living. Lessons from Kogis Chamans points of view.


Whether you are a simple citizen, therapist, educator, artist or researcher, it is now extremely difficult to find its place and a real capacity to act face to the ecological disaster. Nevertheless, the Anthropocene event, this new geological era of which one part of the humanity is the principal agent, calls urgently for new forms of cohabitation between human and non-human. After a brief regard on the ecological crisis and which prevents us from responding, E. Julien and D. Chartier will try to propose new ways to take care of the Earth, of ourselves and the others, in a decolonized, cross-cultural and inter-species relationship. To do this, they will expose the first conclusions of a cross-environmental diagnosis made in September 2018 in the Drôme Valley (France), an original tentative of experimentations and dialog between Western scientists and Kogis shamans (Colombia) around the health of a specific territory.

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