Eurotas Conference 2019


Dina Scherrer

Certified coach, a graduate in Human Resources Coaching from Paris VIII University, Dina Scherrer is a practitioner and teacher of Narrative Practices. President of the Narrative Factory, Dina provides training in Narrative Practices at HEC and the Narrative Factory in Paris. In a previous career, she held management positions in the areas of communication. She is consulted for individual and collective coaching missions in companies and for the coaching of teenagers with academic difficulties. She is the author of Echec scolaire, une autre histoire possible, le coaching au service des jeunes en difficulté, Editions L’Harmattan and Accompagner avec l’Arbre de vie at InterEditions.




Accompagny with the Tree of Life

The tree of life is a metaphorical method of accompaniment derived from the Narrative Practices. It allows you to reconnect with your strengths, your principles and values, your resource persons. It also helps to give meaning to your life, your career. The Tree of Life acts as a compass allowing us to address all the changes that life imposes on us by remaining aligned with what makes sense to us, by remaining the author of our life. To be the author of our life is to have the choice. Do not feel constrained, never feel like you are going through your life. This approach finds its applications in many fields of application. With this workshop, participants will live the Tree of Life experience on their own and will have a creative and effective way to honor the richness of life of the people they accompany.

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