Eurotas Conference 2019



Dr. in Psychology and Psychopathology, Psychoanalyst, Hypnotherapist, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner, Trainer. She founded the Institute of Limit Fields of the Psyche (ICLP) Author of many books and articles including: Psychoanalysis of Exceptional Experiences (Harmattan, 2014), The Healing Process (with G. Leroy-Terquem -Dangles, 2015) and How to develop intuition (Solar, 2015).



Trance, Consciousness and Psychoanalysis

During this presentation, I will explain what should be a therapeutic accompaniment that takes into account all levels of being: physiological, bodily, emotional, cognitive (mental), and spiritual. Through stories and clinical vignettes, drawn from the practice of trance (Holotropic Breathwork) and psychotherapy, and from clinical parapsychology, I will illustrate the different dimensions involved in transpersonal accompaniment, which also imply the most archaic (fundamental) levels of psychic life, as the highest levels, through the activity of thinking.

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