Eurotas Conference 2019


Dominique Popiolek-Ollé

Transformation Leader, Agile and Motivational Coach, Energy Care I created In Imago as the culmination of 7 years of support for companies in their transformation to cope with the upheavals associated with the arrival of digital.

I invite each of us to enter his transformation phase. In this Imago, as a mirror of our ambitions, the coach, the leader of transformation will cause you to moult. It is an invitation of maturity to grow and become oneself in a moving universe …

In Imago is Learning-by-doing … in which one experiences while learning. I put the human in the center of the team and the organization.




Shu Ha Ri game est une invitation à renouer avec sa créativité. Cet atelier permet ensuite de mettre en place un rituel pour entraîner son esprit à voir au-delà des paradigmes et à rejeter les idées reçues

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