Eurotas Conference 2019


Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

Integrative Psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Systemic Constellations, Psychodrama, Holotropic Breathwork™ Practitioner. 
Supervision and seminars in Germany and abroad.
Internation training in Transpersonal Breathwork and Psychotherapy.
Psychotherapeutic practice in Freiburg/ Germany.
Initiator and honorary chairman of the Spiritual Emergence Network e.V. (SEN) Germany.
Founder and Co-Director of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy e.V. Freiburg/Germany. 
Former president of EUROTAS – European Transpersonal Association



What is human? What is humanness?

What is human?

Looking at the current state of our world we see madness, destruction, and death caused by human beings, and we see the most illustrious creations and God realized human beings. There will be many different answers, all of them depending on the individual, cultural, and spiritual conditions of the responder.

What is humanness?

Can we say that humanness is “the best” that human beings are able to realize in their relationships, in their creativity, in the world? What actually is the “best”?

Do I live humanness at my best?

Even this depends on the state of life I am going through, on my daily conditions, on my social conditions, and on how I learned to live. And it depends on the place I take in the evolutionary process.

Humanness, generally spoken, is beyond understanding. Only the heart knows.

The heart urges to engage for humanness, the mind may serve this urge. The mind’s service is to understand. Realizing humanness results from an alignment of the heart and the head.

Humanness will become realized when the awareness stays focused in itself whilst expanding beyond self-centeredness. Actually and finally, this is not an experience of consciousness but a dive into an attitude of deep sharing which includes others and which includes otherness.

Can we say that humanness exists in all cultures and all races, in dictatorships as well as in democracies? Does humanness exist in intimate relationships, sexuality, and spiritual life? Is it, generally speaking, a concept, or is it a realized life perspective?


Are animals as planet mates included in humanness? Is our planet included as a living creature?

You yourself will fully speak up even it is difficult, you will courageously relate, relate to what is unknown.

Humanness brings together what had been divided. It brings together fire and water, air and earth. The oneness of the belly, head and heart, feet on the earth.


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