Eurotas Conference 2019


Dr. Liane Hofmann

Dr. Liane Hofmann, Psychologist, research associate at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP), Freiburg, Germany. Member of the editorial board of the German journal “Sciences of Consciousness. Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy” (Bewusstseinswissenschaften. Transpersonale Psychologie und Psychotherapie). Training and further education in various psychotherapeutic, body-oriented and mindfulness-based approaches.

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The German Handbook “Spirituality and Spiritual Crises”. Backgrounds, Contents, Intentions.

An increasing number of people in Western societies are interested in experiential approaches to the spiritual dimension of human existence, the promotion of spiritual development and the related forms of spiritual guidance and practice. Besides the potentially salutogenic and growth-enhancing effects of such approaches however, a variety of exceptional experiences as well as stressful and difficult phases may also occur, that require professional support. In 2016, a comprehensive German reference work entitled “Spirituality and Spiritual Crises. Handbook on Theory, Research and Practice” was published by the Schattauer publishing house (Editors Liane Hofmann & Patrizia Heise). This anthology addresses possible problems and crises in the context of spiritual development, orientation and practice. In the context of the lecture the backgrounds of this volume are discussed, an overview of its contents and specifics is given and the desiderata and intentions connected with it.

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