Eurotas Conference 2019


Edouard Stacke

Consultant-international coach, Edouard Stacke accompanies the management of companies in thirty countries (Europe, Asia, North America). President of A.P.R.E.S, founder of the vital’Respir method, former lecturer at the Universities of Montreal and Paris V, Author of books of personal development. Psychotherapist (1978-1987) (Co

Founder of the AFPH), introducer in 1983 in France of Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislas Grof, Michael Harner, Claudio Naranjo, Gabrielle Roth. Member of the ITA, I participated in the Congresses (World Bombay 1982, Europe Brussels 1984, World Zinal 1985, World Prague 1992). Physiotherapist D.E., trained in Acupuncture by Dr. Okabe, in Tokyo, teacher of Tai Chi-Tchuan.




France and Western Europe have maintained a distance with other very old cultures, which however reveal themselves to be a source of fulfillment and integration of values. It involves questioning the content of university courses in human sciences, health and medicine, to recognize that there are few lessons in self-knowledge and in adult development, as found with the Andragogy in Canada. An intercultural and interdisciplinary approach nevertheless makes it possible to combine scientific rigor and practical experimentation, with a modeling of these practices that make them receivable by all audiences and evolving according to scientific and pedagogical research.


Promote self-development with integrative coaching

The limitations of personal evolution often depend on the overuse of partitioning techniques and methods, or/and on the focus attitude of professionals who invite their partners to explore fragmented dimensions and don’t facilitate enough the acquisition of deep resources and their full use in daily life.

The major issue of an integrative process focused on the gradual autonomy of the person, to overcome limits, brakes and fears, is to become their own reference, to reach a wide blooming of their capabilities and a huge freedom of action in both personal and professional life.

Integrative coaching extends the therapeutic process by the acquisition of new behavioural competences, the adoption of new scenarios and strategies, an access to the personal power, and a way to assume one’s place and bring one’s own contribution to the world, in line with values and aspirations. The appropriation of autonomy is made visible by the improvement of the person in asserting their choices, increasing self-confidence and the involvement in life as an adequate actor, acknowledged by others.

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