Eurotas Conference 2019


Eryn Donnalley

Inspiring others toward vertical evolution in a horizontal world. 

Eryn is an author, artist, certified life coach and inner change activist. Currently, Eryn is an MSc student with ALEF Trust in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology and has a great passion for inner transformation. She believes we can create a better planet if we heal ourselves and elevate from our ‘I’ centered consciousness. Her book, Facing Freedom, is a testament to that where she recounts her 28-month solo travel across 5 continents and shares the intimate details of her own healing journey toward wholeness. Although Eryn’s focus the first half of life was primarily on her career in construction management, acquiring ‘things’ and strengthening ego, her dedicated efforts to find emotional healing and spiritual growth along her travels propelled a paradigm shift within which also birthed her creative potential. From the doodles of her travel journal, now to gallery quality art, the meticulous pen strokes of her mandala creations take you on an inward journey into the psyche and on a path of healing. Jung said it best when he said mandalas were: “The exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation.” This is the path… the intentional act of re-becoming. 




Inner World Crisis = Outer World Crisis

Westernized societies today are suffering a crisis of the Inner Soul. This is evident with our widespread depression, mental health and obesity issues, increasing rates of divorce and even suicide. We’ve become a culture that prioritizes career endeavors, acquisition of meaningless things, reality TV dramas and financial advancement rather than nature, family and nourishing connections. This depletes the soul. This ‘soul void’ produces a very ‘I’ centered individual, for when we are in pain, we are selfish. From that inner space we soothe ourselves with the overconsumption of retail products and body-mind-soul harming food, drugs and activities. This crisis of the soul creates a crisis for earth through climate change – from overconsumption leading to vast pollution from production, with excessive waste in our throw-it-away society and continually showing irreverence for Nature and animal species. (…)

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