Eurotas Conference 2019


A few words about Transpersonal

Transpersonal psychology is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Of its founders, only Stan Grof and James Fadiman are still there and continue to participate in the evolution of this discipline.

What did transpersonal psychology bring us?

It discovered and valued the evolutionary potential of non-ordinary consciousness experiences, also known as holotropic experiences.

It has a holistic vision and considers man as a whole.

Enriched by the evolution of quantum physics, it has revealed us that consciousness is not a product of the brain and that it is non-local.

It taught us that we are not our ego with its wounds, but that our being is of divine and sacred essence.

It made us realize that we are all interconnected, human beings to each other, but also all living things. It confirmed that nature is part of us as we are part of it and that we can not develop without taking it (this?) into account.

It allows us to experience that love is the glue of life and that living with an open heart brings us closer to ourselves and others.

And so many more things…

Above all, it gave us the opportunity to live and integrate these spaces and this vision into our daily lives.

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