Eurotas Conference 2019


Galen Fous MTP

Sex-Positive Therapist, Author, Educator & Sex Researcher
Galen lectures at universities and conferences about sexual authenticity and specializes in the psychological dynamics of Kink.
Recent presentations have included EUROTAS 18, Feeding the Soul Conference 2019 and the Association of Transpersonal Psychology Conference 2019.
His research is focused on understanding and mapping the psychological dynamics of sexual desire including Kink, Fetish and D/s-BDSM sexuality. He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.




Erotic Archetypes, Symbols & Mythic Stories – A Transpersonal View of the Empowering and Healing Dimensions of Sexual Authenticity

This talk will examine authentic sexuality from a Transpersonal view of empowerment and healing.
It will demonstrate how embracing one’s authentic sexuality from mainstream to Kink, can lead to a sense of wholeness, empowerment, deep intimacy and ecstatic transcendence of the ordinary realms of consciousness. This implies consensual, negotiated, conscious sexual expressions.
At the same time, the path to sexual authenticity offers an opportunity, if not a necessity, to untangle decades old internalized shame, fear, trauma, that may resist one’s authentic sexual desire. The path to sexual authenticity runs parallel to the path of sexual healing.
This presentation will be based on the results from over 4500 participants from my research project, the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey and my extensive work with clients. I will share an array of mindful embodiment practices and depth-psychological insights that support people to embrace their authentic sexual desires in a conscious, present, responsible, shame-free manner.

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