Eurotas Conference 2019


Herbert Hansen

I accompany people to (re) find the flame that animates them and (re) create meaning in their professional or private life.

I nourish my therapeutic practice with what Life offers me every day. I am inspired by my rich professional experiences (space researcher, entrepreneur, coach for entrepreneurs, personal coach and therapist) and personal (holotropic breathing, dream lodges, sweat lodges, etc.).

I also rely on my dual training as a therapist with a transpersonal orientation (“The present heals us”, ATAMENVIE France) and trainer-coach (BAO Elan Vital, Brussels).


Alive face to death!

The news from the world are alarming, climate disruption, migration, social crises, disappearance of species, etc. Everyone lives it in a more or less serene way, in the grip of various feelings. And for some of us this situation confronts us more or less with the anguish of Death …So, what shall we do with that? How not to sink lower? How to cross? How to find the flame, the source, the Life when we face the inevitable? And if the necessary collapse was that of our constructions, of our beliefs? And if it was possible to be reborn even more alive!

Attempt answer(s) in this experiential workshop where the key words are benevolence, exploration and sharing.

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