Eurotas Conference 2019


Irene Santiago

Irene Santiago, psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and teacher. For twenty years she has been accompanying the crisis and emergency processes, trauma and mourning for the populations victims of armed conflict, forced displacement, migrants and refugees. Co-founder of the “Empagenia Center”, she supports groups and individuals from an integral perspective that integrates the therapeutic potential of Consciousness as a key in the processes of change, crisis and profound transformation.



Transcending the collective shadow in a world in transition: the experience of transpersonal accompaniment in a context of extreme violence.

The context of extreme violence such as armed conflict, migratory movements and environmental disasters has increased as a consequence of the changes affecting our planet. Since the transpersonal psychology, the accompaniment to the people and communities within these situations, enlighten us on the way to face and to transit these complex processes of crisis. Being able to face these challenges, involves profound changes in our ways of life, the construction of new cosmovisions, the opening to the deep and transcendent experience of love, the first life-creating energy as a response to chaos. Transpersonal-transcultural psychology embraces archetypes, mythology, astrology and existential therapy or dream work. It reveals effective ways to reinvent our civilization and gives us the keys to creatively and recursively confront this transition, as a process of death-rebirth of our human community.


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