Eurotas Conference 2019


Jean-Frédéric Motchane

Jean-Frédéric Motchane holds a degree in psychomotricity and a master’s degree in sciences of education. He practiced for ten years in various multidisciplinary institutions, eighteen years as a psycho-corporal therapist for adults in private practice. He also leads group and supervision sessions. He is a lecturer at the University of Social Work in Geneva and participates in the CesHum training in transpersonal breathing (holotropic) and transpersonal psychotherapy.



Body exploration of relational space: variation on change and its avatars

This proposal aims to provide a space for physical exploration around change. Enter the sensory space, let ourselves be led by the body in our relationship and our sometimes complex positions to changes: interior, exterior, wished, desired, planned, sudden, imposed, etc. Body exploration times alternate with moments of verbalization.

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