Eurotas Conference 2019


Jean-Luc Lefebvre

After a technical-operational career within the Ministry of Defense, I became a professor and then responsible for the overall training of trainee officers at the War College. I participated in the creation of the Strategic Research Institute of the Military School (IRSEM) in 2009 where I studied the new environments of confrontation: cyberspace and outer space. I am one of the few strategists interested in space issues. Having left the IRSEM in 2013, I devote myself to reflection, teaching and writing.



Let’s build together the humanity of tomorrow

Since our earliest childhood, we are used to being the center of our world.

We can share another way of perceiving the environment by radically changing our point of view. It is enough to approach the Earth and its inhabitants from outside, as would an astronaut landing on an unknown star.

Coming from the confines of the solar system and diving into the Earth’s atmosphere, we discover a magnificent planet colonized by a unique being that I call “Humanitas”. This being has a growing body: it contains more than seven and a half billion human cells, as well as their creations. This being has a collective intelligence: it emerges from the interconnection of billions of biological and electronic brains. This being has a sensitive heart: it manifests itself through solidarity and humanitarian action. This being develops his own conscience: he knows himself mortal and responsible for his environment.

We realize that we are no longer the center of a personal universe, surrounded by people more often annoying than cooperating. As a human being, we are actors of a world in transition where the community of our fellow human beings is structured to become a global organization. We discover that each of us is an active, thinking, and loving cell that contributes to the vitality of a great body that is beyond us and to the fulfillment of which we are called to collaborate, which gives meaning to our individual lives.


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