Eurotas Conference 2019


Jean-Marie Delacroix

Jean-Marie Delacroix is ​​one of the pioneers who introduced Gestalt Therapy in France in the late 1970s. A pioneer also by the fact that he quickly asked the question of the relationship between Gestalt therapy and spirituality, then a later on the possible connections between Gestalt and traditional ancestral therapies, notably with his work Thus Speaks the Spirit of the Plant. A French psychotherapist challenged by the therapies of Amazonia (Jouvence, 2000). It is still so by developing the field paradigm in therapy and intersubjective meditation as a way to move from duality to non-duality. He worked as a psychotherapist and trainer on 3 continents, which allowed him to develop his sensitivity and his field of therapeutic experience in contact with the culture of West Africa, and the cultures of Latin America he has been attending for almost 30 years. Author of many articles, most translated into Spanish, and The Third History (Dangles 2006), co-author of the Gestalt Big Book (Eyrolles 2013). To be released soon: Mindfulness, full presence in the therapist-patient relationship. Is currently a trainer, supervisor, lecturer at national and international level.


Educate and accompany the human towards a global transpersonal energy

I propose a conference from duality to non-duality: inter-subjective meditation, “common consciousness”, transpersonal global energy. Going towards a global and transpersonal energy: dream, utopia, reality? This implies that the human comes out of the individualism and that it enters another paradigm, that is to say in another vision of the world and its relation with the world: that of the field with its principles of organization towards intentionality, interdependence, resonance, interconnection, co-responsibility. Let him experience the transition from duality to non-duality, to the ONE. From a personal vision of meditation to an impersonal vision, one in which the ego is erased so that the Path to the healing of wounds continues and thus the impulse of Life regains its brilliance and power Creator. Gestalt therapy has allowed me to develop the concept of “inter-subjective meditation”.

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