Eurotas Conference 2019


Jim Garrison

Founder and president of Ubiquity University, a global university based in California.

Dr. James Garrison came to this having served as president of Wisdom University which he led from 2005 – 2012, after which he led its transition into Ubiquity University, established in 2012. He has spent his entire professional life in executive leadership, including as co-founder and president of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA (1992 – 1995) and State of the World Forum (1995 – 2004) with Mikhail Gorbachev serving as convening chairman.

Jim received his B.A in History from the University of Santa Clara, an MA in History of Religion from Harvard University, and a PhD in Philosophical Theology from Cambridge University. He has written numerous books, including The Plutonium CultureAmerica as EmpireThe Darkness of God: Theology after HiroshimaCitizen Diplomacy, and Civilization and the Transformation of Power. He lectures regularly on comparative philosophy and religion, world history and politics, and the implications of global warming.




The Mystery and Power of Chartres

When the Celts migrated from Central Europe into France 3500 years ago, they found in Chartres what they considered to be the most powerful energetic quality in all of Europe — a telluric energy associated with the feminine. They called Chartres their Vatican, meaning seat, and each year, led by their Druid elders, they would congregate in Chartres to honour the Black Madonna they fashioned to honour the deep spirit of the feminine. 1500 years later came the Christians who also honoured the extraordinary feminine quality of the place. In 1006, an Italian bishop Fulbert was appointed who established the Chartres Academy, based on the Academy of Plato. The Chartrian Masters built the cathedral that stands to the present day, called by the mythologist Joseph Campbell the “womb of the earth” and by many historians of art the “queen of the cathedrals.”


The Revolution in Learning

No sector in society is more dysfunctional than education and a new breed of disruptors is fixing it. At the forefront of the coming revolution in learning is Ubiquity University, the first global integral learning system. With Ken Wilber as Chancellor and the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan as a partner, Ubiquity is bringing into the global education market a new form of learning that is competency based, holistic, dedicated to social activism and designed to bring students together to solve global challenges. Come and consider how to join the revolution.

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