Eurotas Conference 2019


Jose Montemayor Alba

Jose Montemayor Alba is a multidisciplinary artist, XR developer and psychonaut whose work are transcending traditional media. Jose’s multidisciplinary work explores areas ranging from public speaking, photography, film, 3D animation, virtual cinematography, art installations, projection mapping, live visuals for music (VJ), and developing transformative technology with virtual and mixed reality technologies.

He currently dedicates a big part of his time and heart exploring the synergy between art and science, and the symbiosis between technology and spirituality; Jose’s ambition to nurture a healthy relationship between humans and technology has led him to design various integral modalities, frameworks, and methodologies of delivering integral transformative education using digital and analog methods.

Jose is also an active board member of the Scientific & Medical network, as well as co-founder of an emergent movement called “The Cyberdelic Society” which brings together a community of visionaries that are ethically designing and developing “Cyberdelic Technologies” as a way to extend and expand our understanding of altered states of consciousness, and explore key insights of extraordinary experiences.



The Great Synthesis: Exploring the relationship between ancient and modern technologies      

What is the essence of technology? Modern definitions of Technology has been exclusively associated with the advancement of science, rationality, secularism and purely for instrumental purposes. But could it be that technology has a deeper agenda beyond just being “a means to an end” and a product of human activity? More ancient definitions of technology referred to these as the source of interpretation rather than the outcome of interpretation. Techniques that served as a way of revealing something about ourselves and our conditions. With this in mind, could technologies be actual extensions of our inner epistemic dimensions, or maybe a scaffolding of the mind that helps us come into being rather than forcing us into being?

Today’s exponential growth in digital and information technologies is providing a very modern approach to integral growth and transformative education. Providing access to a wide variety of information of both ancient and modern traditions, offering multiple and varied options to explore, rather than the more traditional approach of a long-standing dedication to a single path. It is now possible for a multi-modal blended approach to integral growth, which may be more appealing to our modern times and minds. However, this “new age eclecticism” has been accused of lacking the appropriate foundations, authenticity, integrity, and depth. Is it the case that we are mistaking technological possibilities for social or spiritual ones? especially when we clearly notice that our attentional & intentional capacities have been hijacked by exposure to the digital environment.

There are potential pitfalls in this approach which require careful consideration if we are to really harness technology in ways that can facilitate rather than hinder integral growth. How then, can we harness our current technologies to support integral development in healthy ways that harness the best of ancient wisdom in a modern form? Can we find ways to bridge the best of both digital and ancient technologies and re-imagine transpersonal development for the modern era?


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