Eurotas Conference 2019


Jure Biechonski

Jure Biechonski created the THA (Transpersonal Hypno-Analysis). Graduate in History, Education, French Literature and Psychology, he teaches at Sichuan University in Chengdu (China), State University in Saint Petersburg (Russia), Tartu University (Estonia), University of Vasco de Qiroga, Morelia (Mexico). He is also a guest speaker at medical universities and business schools around the world. To date, Jure teaches regularly in 8 different countries and lectures in more than 67 countries. He has 35 practice as a psychotherapist and 9 years of studying hypnosis and NLP up to an advanced level. He trained 3 years in Humanist Counseling and 2 years in Family Counseling.



Individualism and collectivism – spiritual connection

Respecting individuality and celebrating mutuality

The communist collectivism has failed because the individualism was not taken into account

The capitalist individualism has failed because the common collective good was ignored.

Our transpersonal, social and political duty is to create a new system in which we can combine those 2 polarities on a soul level.

Our world lost its direction, transitions are happening very fast and we are losing our spiritual path, there is no vision, no values.

Has the transpersonal philosophies can provide the right answers?

Can we unite our individual’s selves within our collective transpersonal movement and take a guiding role towards spiritual integration?

Can we design applicable ways to meet those challenges in the fast changing world?

Can we take charge of our spiritual vehicle and guide humanity to a better place?

Before we find the answers maybe it will be useful for us to design the right questions?

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