Eurotas Conference 2019


Kelly Kilrea

Kelly Kilrea, PhD, is an assistant professor at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada, teaching counselling, psychotherapy & spirituality and researching spiritual awakening. She also works as a transpersonally-oriented psychotherapist and a mental performance consultant to athletes and performing artists. Kelly also leads informal gatherings about awakening upon request.


Joy, Not Elsewhere Classified: Towards a Contemporary Psychological Understanding of Spiritual (and Secular) Awakening

Spiritual (and secular) awakening has been defined and described a number of different ways in the psychological literature (e.g. using developmental, phenomenological, and metaphysical conceptualizations), and is associated with a cluster of related terms such as non dual realization, enlightenment, oneness, self-transcendence, cosmic consciousness, unitize consciousness, and wakefulness. In this paper, a definition of awakening based on the existing empirical research is proposed, in addition to a discussion of some of the major assumptions, limitations, and issues relevant to the study of spiritual/secular awakening. Specific recommendations for future research of this phenomenon are also explored.

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