Eurotas Conference 2019


Laurence Cailler & Philippe Roux

Laurence Cailler is a certified psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist (Eurotas) and a spiritual hypnosis practitioner.

Philippe Roux is a medium and a practitioner in spiritual hypnosis. He is the author of the book “How to communicate with the dead”, published in February 2019 at Guy Trédaniel.

Together, they developed an innovative approach to hypnosis by integrating transpersonal and shamanic tools. They regularly organize initiation camel rides in the desert.



How to be an adult in a world in crisis: transpersonal and spiritual hypnosis to heal our inner children, our links to our ancestors, the earth and the divine

Hypnosis, in a transpersonal and spiritual approach, at the crossroads of experiences in mediumship, shamanism and transpersonal therapy, offers us an opportunity to become more adult, more responsible for our actions and thus heal our relationship to our inner feminine and masculine, opening our consciousness to what connects us to the EARTH (Gaia) and the Divine (Father).

In this innovative form, hypnosis opens us to the spiritual dimension of Life. We can contact there the soul of our ancestors, our guides, our past lives, our karmic links, our mission of life … but also integrate the traditional healing tools of transpersonal therapy or shamanism (such as that of the inner or inner children, soul recovery, etc.).

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