Eurotas Conference 2019


Magda Sole

Psychologist – Psychotherapist. Founder and director of IPTB (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona) (Spain and Mexico) and ACT (Catalan Transpersonal Association).

Co-founder of Holos Shamanic Expeditions.

Professor of University of Barcelona (UB) and Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

Research campaigns with Mexican shamans and indigenous communities.

She organizes ethno-therapeutic groups of Shamanic transformation in Mexico, Uzbekistan and Siberia since 1990.

Member of IIBP (International Institute for Consciousness Exploration) (Freiburg).

Board member of EUROTAS. Founder of EDIKA (Eurotas Department of Indigenous Knowledges and Anthropology) in 2018.

Co-author of the books: Planet, Culture, Consciousness (Mandala Ed.), Brain 2.0 (Ed Robin Book.), and Hallucinogens, (Ed Neurosciences), articles and Lectures and Workshops throughout the world, in Mexico, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Uzbekistan, Czech Rep., Rumania, Austria, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, India.



Shamanic activation

Introductory to Core Shamanism, a complete unique and rich work with particular emphasis of using ancient shamanic practices from three different cultures: Buriats from Siberia, Karakalpaks from Central Asia and Mazatecs from Mexico.

The most remarkable visionary methods used by shamans to explore the hidden universe only known through myths and dreams to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing.

During the workshop participants are initiated to awake dormant spiritual abilities, shamanic divination.

The word “Shaman” comes from the language of the Evenkis, a small group of tungus-speaking reindeer hunters and shepherds from Siberia. We’ll examine what authenticity and courage mean for each of us. Dialectic between nature and culture, body, mind and spirit integration.

In the process we`ll look at deep embodiment of consciousness and elements of shamanic rituals, creating congruency in our internal and outer lives, transforming old pain into the vitality of presence.

Our main focus will be on how we can have better relationships in our family and solve the problems of pressure and competition in our daily life.


Conducted with Jaume Mestres

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