Eurotas Conference 2019


Maite Pardo Sol

Maite Pardo Sol has been an investigator of different levels of consciousness since her youth. She is a specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy, Psychomotricity and the Psychopathology of Language. She also holds a post-graduate degree in Intercultural Social Mediation. She is a facilitator of Group Processes. She has also completed her training in Systemic Constellations. For 17 years she has shared her experience as a therapist and transpersonal trainer from the perspective of Pneuma Transpersonal Training. She travels throughout Europe and the Americas giving workshops, seminars and conferences as well as individual sessions in Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. She continues to investigate, through ancestral traditions, the analysis and interpretation of dreams and the practices which allow us to remember them and also lucid dreaming and it’s application in therapy and human development. She offers Transpersonal Training in “Pneuma Dreamwork: Dreams for Awakening” and “Essential Shamanism”. She has been working for more than 13 years for a culture of peace, coordinating events of inter-religious dialogue and generating spaces of coexistence and cooperation through art (Art for Peace). She is also a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace.




Learning to love: healing relationships in a world in crisis

What is love? Do we know how to love? Where does the conflict and difficulties in our relationships come from? We are beings in relationship, interdependent beings, with basic needs, not only material, but also of belonging, affection, community, in such a way that how and with whom we relate is one of the main focuses of each of us. We often look for solutions for relational problems only in the horizontal plane only, but we need to elevate ourselves on the vertical that gives us depth and height of vision in order to have a complete perspective on all the factors that intervene in the relationships. We can thus find the right order to establish healthy relationships: The transpersonal or spiritual, relationships with others and the relationship with ourselves. The spiritual traditions, from the transpersonal Pneuma perspective, have left key practices, far from any romanticism or fantasy, so that the human being can truly advance on the path of Love until he merges with his Essence and integrates it into the everyday.


“The way of love

It is not a subtle argument.

Its door is devastation. “

(Jelaluddin Rumi)

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