Eurotas Conference 2019


Maria Luisa Jimeno Recarte

Maria Luisa Jimeno Recarte is a homeopathic doctor, naturopathic graduate of the University of Zaragoza (E).
She followed the course: the homeopathic medicine and its modalities of use, with the Argentine Hahnemannian school and is dedicated since then to the research of the origin of the disease starting from the existential context. As a yoga teacher, she has studied the inner world and the effect that these techniques produce both physically, emotionally and mentally. Trained in floral therapy, she offers psychoanalytically oriented therapeutic accompaniments with floral elixirs as well as family constellations. Her research continues through modified states of consciousness, both with master plants and other types of substances used in Latin America.


Family constellations

Waking up to the healing happens to look back at, where we come from and what we have inside. As emotional files and experiences that do not belong to us at the present time, they are preventing us from that individuation in order to walk our lives with freedom and successfully achieve our vital projects.

Recognize, understand, accept and be able to transform the burden of loads, into a force that roots us and pushes us towards the future.

We carry in our DNA the information of all the life of the universe but above all experiences of our ancestors both their gifts and their unfinished experiences that they could not manage.

Sensations of separated, excluded, forgotten, abandoned ancestors, spontaneous deaths sometimes mediated by violence, painful separations, illnesses and an endless number of experiences that appear in our interior and construct realities that from the unconscious dye our lives.

Family constellations open ourselves to this world allowing us to become aware of this situation and modify, open the mind, open our knowledge, immerse ourselves in that transpersonal world and thus harmonize with part of our information recorded in the unconscious, enlight our shadow, and increase that limited vision what we have of ourselves.

Through the workshop I propose to heal wounds, blockages, illnesses sometimes as well and above all increase our understanding of our lives and ourselves.

Family constellations are a very powerful tool that mobilizes many planes of reality.

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