Eurotas Conference 2019


Maria R. Sideri, M.Sc., M.A.

Maria Rossi Sideri has a psychology degree from Panteion University of Athens (Greece) and is a certified transpersonal psychotherapist and dance movement therapist specialized in somatics. She is a professional member of the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS, a member of the Spanish Association of Dance Movement Therapy ADMT, co-founder and president of the Spanish Association of Psychosomatic and Energetic Therapy “PsiqueSoma” (organizational member of EUROTAS). Maria holds an MSc in Culture and Mental Health from University College London (UCL) and a Masters degree in Dance Movement Therapy from the University of Barcelona (UB). She has designed and leads a four year training course in “Transpersonal Psychotherapy through Dance, Movement and Creativity” offered by “PsiqueSoma”. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice and leads holistic wellness workshops and retreats, based on body-mind-spirit integration and creativity.



EMBODIED INTIMACY: Holistic Sexuality, Dance and Movement.

As humans we live in an embodied reality. Our body, far more than just “the temple of our soul”, deserves full recognition as a source of deep spiritual knowledge by itself. Just like mother earth we are made of matter and minerals, liquids and space…we perceive through heat and rushes, fire and ice, breath and air. Intimacy as a shared embodied experience elevates our way of relating to the essence of life on earth.

In this workshop participants will be suggested to have a taste of how sexuality can be approached in a holistic body-energy-emotions-mind-spirit perspective using dance and movement as a means to access such interconnection

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