Eurotas Conference 2019


Marie-Dominique Linder

Therapist, Medicine Woman, Marie-Dominique Linder, Grandmother Mahingan, transmits what has always inspired and impulses her : the transforming and healing power of the poetry of the Great Mystery with the Medicine Wheel, the Ceremony of sweat lodge, the Women’s Circles to reconnect the deep nature of everywoman and man to that of the Earth, Sky, Elements and all the Reigns. “Mindfulness Meditation”, “Voice to Intuitive Singing” are reliance practices she offers in her accompaniment to increase tolerance, attention and compassion for oneself, for one’s brothers and sisters as well as for Mother Earth.

 “Member of the wisdom circle of the union of ancestral traditions. “

«Member of Meditation-France»


Medicine wheel for everyone , of all ages and all wisdoms.

Every age has its teaching, its wealth and its resource of care and healing. The elder teaches young people, children and adolescents, and conversely, they also teach the elder, and so on in the cycle of life represented by the Wheel of Medicine. Go through the Wheel, invoke and connect to the Forces of the Elements, Directions and their Healing Potential. The Wheel makes it possible to revisit each stage of our life, to receive and transmit its Wisdom.Pulsing the drum, offering tobacco and our healing song to each and everyone offers the opportunity to support us and grow, open our hearts, take care of all our lineage and the Great Circle of Humans. Usually a Medicine Wheel is an outdoors experience, on the Earth, but it will be set up on the floor in the room with sacred objects that will delimit and ritualize it.

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