Eurotas Conference 2019


Marina Belokurova

Transpersonal psychotherapist, the founder of body-oriented insight therapy, and the developer of the contemporary approach to mythodrama. CTC Hi-Human Technologies. Psychotherapist of the Register of EAP. Holder of the World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC). Supervisor of EAP. The founder and presiding member of ATPP; the Processual Work Professional Community; the Central Playback Theatre School; and the Association for Intermodal Arts Therapy.



Labyrinth is the ancient tool, which invites a person to make the journey and in difficult life situations perceive the messages from the True Self. During workshop the participants will pass through the DNA-Labyrinth, which recreates main psychological structures and the key stages of self-development and spiritual potential. Sacral configuration of the DNA-Labyrinth empowers the person to find inner resources

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