Eurotas Conference 2019


Michel Argent

Clinical Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist,certified in Holotropic Breathwork, teacher of Qi Gong


Coanimated workshop “co-creative sound massage” with Anthony CHASSIER

I have been a clinical psychologist since 1990. Although professionally snapped up by Road Safety for many years, probably to secure the road, I have always been internally engaged on a spiritual path. The connection of the psy and the spi became a glaring evidence for my “fifties crisis,” but only the transpersonal way could bring that together and bring me together in that. Previously, a Qi Gong training at the IEQG to become a teacher of the FEQGAE was the previous energy pass to pass the door of the Transpersonal. Today, I obtained my diploma of Transpersonal Psychopratician and my certification for Holotropic Breathwork at IRETT / CESHUM and I practice in a cabinet near Provins in Seine et Marne. I use the Inner Dialogue, Richard Moss’s Mandala of Being, Life Cycle Integration (LCI), John Welwood’s protocol … and I sometimes invite sound waves with, as a supplement, these precious resonances that make the interior vibrate. Tibetan bowls, crystal bowl, hand pan (including a “rav vast”), a tubalophone, shamanic drums, chimes … and especially a large feng gong that releases beautiful harmonics and invites to beautiful trips between the underwater and the galactic. I use these sounds in overlapping music in Holotropic Breathwork, they awaken and amplify feelings as much as they help to raise awareness and integrate by widening a space of consciousness. All this made me want to bring my partition / participation for a co-creative sound massage workshop, accompanied by my little “arche sound”.

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