Eurotas Conference 2019


Miguel Angel Morate

Psychologist. Jungian Psychoanalyst. Pneuma Transpersonal Training facilitator. Certified Psychotherapist by EFTA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations), by FAPYMPE (Spanish Federation of Psychologists and Medical Psychotherapists Associations) and by EUROTAS. Member of ISDJP (International Society for the Development of Jungian Psychoanalysis) and IFPS (International Federation for Psychoanalytic Societies). Over 10 years of experience in psychiatric institutions in Madrid, Spain. He joined Pneuma Institute’s facilitators’ team in order to investigate ASC and their clinical applications.



Amplified States of Consciousness (ASC henceforth) has become the most promising field of study and experimentation in contemporary psychology. Induction techniques for these states have multiplied themselves and clinical studies are proliferating, with encouraging results.

However, a serious and consistent use of ASC in the practice requires that the therapist has a broad knowledge of the map of transpersonal experiences, so that he or she is capable of accompanying patients in their inner voyage.

Based on more than 30 years experience working with ASC and the syncretic study of the main mystic traditions on the globe, Pneuma Institute has developed a unique cartography of the consciousness that faithfully describes internal spaces and their relationship with the self-realization process.

The present lecture will be an introduction to this revolutionary cartography of the transpersonal experience that will explain the distinctiveness of Pneuma Institute’s own ASC induction technique: Pneuma Breathwork.

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