Eurotas Conference 2019


Milena Nardini-Bubols

My name is Milena Nardini-Bubols and I live in the city of Porto Alegre, which is in the very south of Brazil. I’m psychologist. I work as a clinical psychologist in private practice with transpersonal psychology and actually I’m a clinical supervisor too. I feel happy to be able to help people, to see them awakening their potential, opening to life and to the evolutionary process of love, as I have done since I was 16 years old, when I started the Psychology course and also my therapeutic and spiritual journey. The things I like most are read, cycling and practice yoga. I also love to do research and I’m actually engaged in the study of relationships between spirituality, religiosity and psychotherapy in my PhD.



Altered States of Consciousness in Transpersonal Approach Psychotherapy: a systematic review

Transpersonal Psychology and altered states of consciousness techniques are used by various psychotherapists worldwide. However, there are few publications associated altered states of consciousness with psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. In this way, the main objective of this study is to know the “state of the art” of research that relates altered states of consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology and psychotherapy. We searched in six databases using the Boolean expression: [“Altered states of consciousness” AND Psychotherapy”]and [“Transpersonal” AND “Psychotherapy”] in December 2017. From 629 articles found, 14 empirical studies were analyzed. Studies were conducted with adults, most of them women. Benefits: improvement in the treatment of substance use disorder; increased sensation of relaxation, relief of physical pain. Future studies should have rigorous experimental designs; define concepts clearly; detail the method used.

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