Eurotas Conference 2019


Muriel Rojas Zamudio

Muriel Rojas Zamudio is a transpersonal psychoanalyst, Artist, Practitioner in Artistic Mediation and Art Therapy enlighted by psychoanalysis.
Engaged for almost ten years in transpersonal associations oriented towards psychology, she wants to develop clinical research in two directions, a transpersonal reading of psychoanalysis and art as a path to transpersonality.
She is the author of several books and an article: Personnaginaires, a collection of poems and tales inspired by tarot readings,
Dialogue with our inner goddesses and Dialogue with our inner gods, based on the work of the psychiatrist and Jungian psychoanalyst Jean Bolen and Human consciousness, beyond or through the biological? published in Issue 9 of the International Transpersonal Journal. She is also co-author of Place aux jeux de développement personnel!



The poetry Weavers

We will invoke sister-spider spirit to decorate a canvas from tissues knotted to a bamboo structure; the tissues we have decorated will be our gifts to the human community, our sweet dreams for her. This collective work will remain exposed and at the end of the conference, each participant will be allowed to take a piece of it.

Round table

Muriel Rojas-Zamudio, Ingrida Indane, Anne-Elodie Meunier and Nicolas Cambas are art-therapists and/or artists

What are transpersonal arts therapies?

Moderation: Muriel Rojas-Zamudio

How would you define transpersonal arts therapies? Would you say it is a set of methods or a global posture? How would these differ from others arts therapies approaches or artistic expressions? How do you practice, and with what benefits for your clients or yourself?

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