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Dourdan, a city of 10,671 inhabitants, is located in the upper valley of the river Orge, 56 kilometres from Paris. The church, the castle and its museum give the town centre a medieval character.

The surroundings of Dourdan are also known for their forest, former hunting territory of the kings of France.

Maison de Picasiette

Starting in the late 1930s, Raymond Edouard Isadore spent 30 years covering both the inside and outside of his house as well as his furniture and his garden walls with mosaics. The fantastic result could be classified in several types of art: naive, brut, popular … One thing is certain: it opens the doors to the imagination of its author.  


Cathédrale de Chartres (48 kilomètres)

Built in part from 1145, and rebuilt in twenty-six years after the fire of 1194, the Cathedral of Chartres is the monument par excellence of French Gothic art. Its vast nave of the purest ogival style, its porches presenting admirable sculptures of the mid-twelfth century, its shimmering 12th and 13th century stained glass windows make it an exceptional and remarkably well preserved masterpiece.



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